Posted on Oct 12th 2019

Drawing Specialist


Full time



Posted on Oct 12th 2019


Full time



Job Title

Drawing Specialist

Job Description

In this role, you have the opportunity to

Layout and installation drawing are key documents for site preparation. To create and maintain site planning drawings. Provides support in drawing and related site requirement to Project management, CS and Sales so that the customers can finish the site to meet the requirement of our equipments. Provide site preparation information regarding of Philips’ equipments to end user and 3rd party.

You are responsible for

  • 产品场地准备手册的翻译和编写

Site Preparation Manual Translation and Compose

  • 产品图纸模板和CAD图块的制作

Drawing Template and CAD Block Design

  • 内外部图纸审核

Drawing review for internal and outsourced site planner

  • 规划并绘制设备场地布局图

Plan and Draw Site Layout Proposal

  • 规划并绘制设备场地准备详图

Plan and Draw Site Preparation Final Drawing

  • 特殊场地现场支持(例如联合手术室、磁共振环境检测等)

On-Site Support for special project(e.g. Hybrid OR, MR Environment Measure, etc)

  • 解答项目经理对于图纸和场地规划的疑问

Technical Support to Project Manager about Drawing and Site Plan

  • 公司和部门指派的其他任务

Other Task assigned by Company and Team

  • 此工作需要极度认真和细致的态度

This job requires extremely conscientious and meticulous attitude

  • 正确和准确地编写场地准备手册和图纸模板

Correctly and Accurately Compose Site Preparation Manual and Drawing Template

  • 正确和准确地绘制图纸和审核图纸

Correctly and Accurately Drawing and Review

  • 按时完成任务可能需要加班

Frequently Overtime Work could be necessary in order to fulfill tasks in time

You are a part of

The significant role in Site Planning team, provides support in drawing and related site requirement to Project management, CS and Sales. You will report to Site Planning Manager.

To succeed in this role, you should have the following skills and experience

  • College/University graduate in architecture or engineering
  • Preferred ≥1 year experience in AutoCAD drawing or archietecture/engineering design
  • 必须熟练使用AutoCAD软件
    Proficient in using AutoCAD software is a MUST
  • 理解和掌握基本的物理学知识(例如运动和力、电磁与电气工程等)
    Understand and mastering in basic physics(e.g. motion and mechanic, electromagnetic and electrical engineering, etc)
  • 英语读写
    English reading/writing capability
  • 基本的沟通技巧
    Basic Communication Skil
  • 愿意在压力下工作
    Willing to work under pressure
  • 优异的自学能力
    Strong self learning capability.
  • 合作与负责的态度
    Cooperative and responsible attitude.
  • 以客户为中心
    Customer focus.

In return, we offer you

A path towards your most rewarding career. Philips is growing its marketing capability enterprise wide. Succeeding in this market-based role in a complex environment will open many doors for your long term career, in other areas in Philips or otherwise. We also believe that we are at our best as a company when you are at yours as a person. Thus, we offer competitive health benefits, a flexible work schedule and access to local well-being focused activities.

Why should you join Philips?

Working at Philips is more than a job. It’s a calling to create a healthier society through meaningful work, focused on improving 3 billion lives a year by delivering innovative solutions across the health continuum. Our people experience a variety of unexpected moments when their lives and careers come together in meaningful ways. Learn more by watching this video.

To find out more about what it’s like working for Philips at a personal level, visit the Working at Philips page on our career website, where you can read stories from our employee blog. Once there, you can also learn about our recruitment process, or find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.


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