Posted on Oct 12th 2019

Senior Channel Sales


Full time



Posted on Oct 12th 2019


Full time



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Senior Channel Sales

Job Description

Philips is a global leader in health technology, committed to improving billions of lives worldwide and striving to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Driven by the vision of a better tomorrow.

But it’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. We are 80,000, wonderfully unique individuals, with two things in common. An unwavering sense of purpose and a relentless determination to deliver on our customers’ needs. It’s what inspires us to create meaningful solutions – the kind that make a real difference – when it matters most.

The world and our customers’ needs are changing faster than ever before and while we are proud of what we do already, we know we can do more. That’s why we need you, to help us tackle increasingly complex challenges posed by ever evolving health and well-being needs.




  • 通过精细化管理本区域服务业务渠道,维护并改善与现有或潜在渠道业务客户的业务关系;
  • 制定本区域渠道业务年度销售计划,将区域主要业务指标合理分配至区域内每家业务合作伙伴并有针对性给出业务指导建议;
  • 密切监控渠道业务机会进展与商机质量,增进内部服务团队与客户的相互理解与沟通从而达成良好的业务结果;
  • 及时向业务合作伙伴展示并阐述最新业务解决方案,并对重点业务机会进行现场支持;
  • 针对产品知识与销售技巧等,对合作伙伴销售一线销售进行辅导和培训;
  • 定期汇报本区域销售指标进展与预期,同时对区域内市场竞争信息进行整理归纳。




  • 医学或生物医学工程或其他相关专业,本科及以上学历;
  • 三年以上医疗设备或服务销售经验者优先;
  • 丰富的医疗产品相关知识;
  • 对于医疗服务市场趋势和客户需求有充分认知;
  • 良好的演讲技巧与销售技巧,以及与终端客户的出色沟通技巧;
  • 良好的英文听说读写;


一个极具职业发展前途的机会。飞利浦全公司的市场营销能力在不断地提高。 成功应聘这个在多元化环境中以市场开发为己任的职位,将让您在自己的长期职业生涯、飞利浦公司内部的其他领域甚至其他行业中获得众多发展机会。 作为雇主,我们也希望为您提供最好的待遇来回馈您的付出。 因此,我们为您提供有竞争力的健康福利,弹性工作时间,以及多种可提升个人生活品质的当地活动。 


在飞利浦工作并不仅仅是从事一份工作,更是响应我们对健康生态的愿景,通过有意义的创新来打造更加健康的社会;飞利浦致力于在健康关护全程提供创新的解决方案,在2025年之前每年改善全球30亿人的生活。在这一旅程中,我们的员工不但能体验到许多惊喜的时刻,更能深刻感受到生活和工作的意义。欢迎观看视频 了解更多详情。 

How we work at Philips
Our newly-adopted hybrid work concept fuses flexibility with collaboration to deliver great outcomes for our people and our customers. We are embracing an approach wherein we spend more time together than apart – which for full-time employees translates to an average of at least 3 days working from the office and up to 2 days from home – for our hybrid roles.
Hybrid work flexibility means people can meet the changing demands of work and home in the most balanced, productive, and healthy way.

Our hybrid working model is defined in 3 ways:
We believe in the importance of impactful collaboration: There's a certain energy when everyone’s in the same room that can heighten idea generation and creative friction needed for problem-solving.
We embrace flexibility: Choosing where, when and how to work can vary according to task and team schedules. Flexibility isn’t office or online, it means choosing the space that works best for you, your teams and our customers on a case-by-case basis.
We want to be at our best: The way we work and our workspaces are designed to support our well-being, offer career advancement opportunities, and enable us to be at our best.

Why should you join Philips?
Working at Philips is more than a job. It’s a calling to create a healthier society through meaningful work, focused on innovative, customer-first health technology solutions. Help us improve the health and well-being of billions of people, every year. Ultimately creating a career that no one could have planned for. Even you.




Over 125 years ago, Frederik and Gerard Philips started a small light bulb company in Eindhoven. Little did they realize that it would become a global force of innovation, committed to improving billions of lives worldwide. But it did. Today, Philips is a world leading health technology company with a vision to make life better for people worldwide through meaningful innovation. Making good on this promise depends on our passionate, inspirational, collaborative and diverse team. We have over 80,000+ brilliant people around the world but are always looking for more. Like-minded, motivated, focused minds to join us in creating a healthier, more connected society while tranforming themselves personally and professionally. Working at Philips is more than a job. It's an experience filled with unexcepted moments that will transform you in lasting and positive ways. Help us improve the world for the better while building a career that no one could have planned for. Even you.




* 我希望收到飞利浦工作提醒。 这是什么意思?


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